Ensemble Manchester
French Supplementary School


Ensemble Manchester (Charity No. 1165797)  
 Connecting people: 
- To each other
 - To their heritage
 - To  Manchester  and Britain 
- To others

Based at Victoria Mill Community Centre in Miles Platting, the charity provides activities for children, young people and families whose heritage is in African French-speaking countries.

Ensemble works to ensure immigrants to Britain, and their descendants, maintain a link with the people, culture, history and language of their countries of origin, as well as building connections with people who share their heritage – and others. Based in Manchester, the charity hopes to build a sense of belonging, of understanding and connection to the local area, aiding acceptance and understanding and helping young people grow up with pride in the people and cultures that have made them.

Ensemble provides French lessons for children and young people as well as other Extra Curricular activities and projects throughout the year.